Muzium Istana - The Royal Museum

Attraction type: Museum, Gallery
Muzium Istana, or the Royal Museum, is also known as Istana Batu, and it is located in Kota Bharu town in the state of Kelantan.  Kelantan, meaning “Land of Lighting”, is a state with green fields, abundant villages of traditional fishing peoples, and beaches lined with casuarinas.  Located in the northeast corner of peninsula, Kelantan holds numerous exciting opportunities for tourists, including river cruises, river rafting, bird watching, and jungle trekking.
Muzium Istana
Muzium Istana
This museum originally belonged to the Royal Family of Kelantan.  This unique blue-and-white palace was built in 1939.  It was home of the crown prince, Ismail Petra, till it was handed over to the state and turned into a repository for the history of the Kelantan royal family.  There is a magnificent display of royal arts, furniture, and artifacts that belonged to the former sultans.
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Originally a palace and a venue for royal weddings, it was one of the first concrete buildings in the state of Kelantan.  Built from the inspiration of HRH Sultan Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Muhammad IV (1920-1944), this palace was gift for the marriage of his nephew Sultan Yahya Petra Ibni Almarhum, the Sultan Ibrahim Petra (from 1961 to 1979).  However, in 1969, this building was transformed into a Royal Museum.
Today, this building is open for anyone who wants to have a view of the royal family of Kelantan and their lifestyle.  Each room has installed exhibitions of black and white photographs portraying their social activities, whether it be a birthday celebration, an overseas trips, a royal family portrait, or a black tie event.
Moreover, costumes and furniture antiques are also on display, as well as priceless artifacts including crystal, brass, and silverware. Also, included are the official gifts from the leaders.
Muzium Istana Entry Fee & Visiting Hours
Entrance fee for Adult: RM 2.00 per person
Entrance fee for Student’s (below 12 years): RM 0.50
Entrance fee for University Student’s: RM 1.00
Visiting Hours: 09.00am - 5.30pm.
Directions to Muzium Istana Melaka
The museum is located at Jalan Hilir Kota, just 500 meters away from Kota Bharu town. It is situated behind the Muhammadi Mosque and opposite the Istana Balai Besar.
Tip: The museum is located within the walking distance from the famous Melaka Equatorial hotel. Melaka Equatorial hotel is a common stop for most of the buses coming from Singapore.

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