Keris, a kind of traditional weapon used by Malay Waarriors or `Pendekar' especially the `Silat Warrior'. Beside keris,pendekar also use some other weapons such as Kerambit, Parang, Badik, Buku Lima, Belati and many more but keris always remain the famous weapon used. Keris is synonym for `Silat'(malay sellf defence arts).
  Keris, have three main parts; badan(body), ulu(holder) and sarung(cover). A simple keris, the body is made from 2 types of metals but a very good keris, is made from 7 types of metals. The Taming Sari keris, owned by Hang Tuah were made with 20 different types of metals, taken from 20 different places.
  A keris might have a straight or crinkled body. A crinkled keris have 3, 5, 7, or 9 crinkles.
The ulu were made of either wood, buffalo horn or bone. The ulu's carving are free styled. The famous carving for ulu were named Kencana, Harubi, Merubi and Bawang Songkol. A golden ulu is specialized for Sultans.
Sarung of a keris are made of wood. It have 3 parts: Sampir(neck), batang(body) and Buntut(end).
Malay island known for its 7 types of keris: Keris Semenanjung/Utara, Keris Pekakak, Keris Jawa, Keris Bali, Keris Bugis and Keris Sundang/Solok. The most famous keris are Taming Sari and Nogo Sorso.