Mention the name Melaka, and one would envision a state rich with its history and culture.  It is an undeniable truth that Melaka is unique in its own fashion and has been known throughout, of its significance in the history of Malaysia.  Since 600 years ago, Melaka has distinct itself as the focal point of traders from the East and the West and maintained its popularity one century after another with past connections with the Imperialist powers such as the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English.
The intriguing secrets of Melaka are open ended.  Scholars, tourists and the locals alike are still fascinated in finding answers; as the like of the reasons behind the visit of China’s Great Admiral Cheng Ho or to know the virtues behind the marriage between Parameswara (Melaka’s first ruler) and one of the Pasai princesses.  The list goes on and on.
One of the most interesting features of Melaka is on its ethnic integration where the Malays appear to be the nucleus of other main community such as the Babas and Nyonyas, the Chettis and the Portuguese where they were formed from the convergence of each community’s influences and cultures.  This has indeed illustrates Melaka as a state affluent with colourful and interesting cultures. 
True to its stature, Melaka inherits countless historic sites and buildings.  These sites are prudently preserved and declared as Malaysia’s valuable heritage hence the efforts in turning most of these heritage into museums as records of Malaysia’s civilization, and at the same time inculcating love towards the country in addition to fulfilling visitors’ thirst for knowledge. 
All of these efforts would eventually completed Melaka’s mission in becoming a Museum state.  The historical findings and artifacts preserved and conserved in various museums are hoped to flare-up interests from history researchers and history enthusiasts alike.  Indeed, the history of Melaka had brought up waves of awareness and interests amongst the Malaysian society on how famous Melaka is through the eyes of the world.


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